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11 Eyes Collection (DVD)


Beschikbaarheid:In voorraad (Levertijd gemiddeld 2 á 3 weken)


All 12 episodes from the Japanese anime which follows two friends as they are transported to an alternate world. After spending years mourning the death of his sister, Kakeru (voice of Daisuke Ono) is beginning to live a normal life with the help of childhood friend Yuka (Mai Goto). However, when the sky mysteriously turns red and the moon turns black, the pair are left fighting to survive as humans disappear and monsters begin roaming the streets. Following a chance meeting with four other humans in the strange new world, Kakeru and Yuka learn they must help defeat the deadly Black Knight warriors if they are to return to the safety of their old lives. The episodes are: 'Red Night', 'The Maiden of Crystal Palace', 'The Lonely Pride', 'Smiling Behind a Facade', 'For My Friends and for Tomorrow', 'Confused Heart', 'Twisted Awakening', 'Witching Hour', 'Breaking Bonds', 'The Witch Awakens', 'The Choice Called Destruction' and 'Daybreak of the Dark Night'. Also included is the original video animation 'Pink Phantasm and Dream Story' (2010).

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Grote Nvt
Merk Nvt
Aantal discs 2
Afleveringen Alle 12 + OVA
Duur 325 min.
Formaat NTSC
Extra's Nee
Leeftijd 15 jaar en ouder
Ondertiteling Engels
Studio MVM
Taal Japans