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Accel World Collection (DVD)


Beschikbaarheid:In voorraad (Levertijd gemiddeld 2 á 3 weken)


IT’S TIME TO ACCELERATE YOUR WORLD. From zero to hero Harayuki Arita’s life is about to change when he befriends the aloof Kuroyukihime. A respected member of the student council, she hides a sinister second life that was once thought to be long dead. Except Kuroyukihime is looking to revive her former life and she needs Harayuki’s help. But entering her world is fraught full of danger especially for a novice like him. Can Harayuki rise above his weaknesses and become her knight in shining armour?

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Grote Nvt
Merk Nvt
Aantal discs 4
Afleveringen Alle 24.
Duur 576 min.
Formaat PAL
Extra's Nee
Leeftijd 15 jaar en ouder
Ondertiteling Engels
Studio MVM
Taal Engels, Japans