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Ambition Of Oda Nobuna Collection (Blu-Ray)


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All 12 episodes from the Japanese anime series adapted from Mikage Kasuga's light novels. The story follows teenager Yoshiharu Sagara (voice of Takuya Eguchi) as he is suddenly transported to a battlefield in the Sengoku period and is saved by warrior Hideyoshi Toyotomi, who is killed in the process. Yoshiharu meets Daimyo of Owari Nobuna Oda (Kanae Ito), a female version of Nobunaga Oda, and, in taking on Hideyoshi's role, he promises to assist her in her quest to unite Japan and rule the country. The episodes are: 'Nobuna and Monkey', 'Intrigue in the House of Oda', 'Upheaval in Mino', 'Winds of War - Okehazama', 'Recruiting a Genius Strategist!', 'Sunomata - One-Night Castle', 'Nobuna Heads to the Capital', 'Sakai - City of Freedom and Riches', 'Face-Off at Kiyomizu Temple', 'Nobuna's Dire Peril', 'Siege of Kanegasaki' and 'A Nation of Virtue'.

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Aantal discs 2
Afleveringen Alle 12.
Duur 288 min.
Formaat PAL
Format Blu-ray
Leeftijd 12 jaar en ouder
Ondertiteling Engels
Studio MVM
Taal Engels, Japans